Our Story

Our story: 

Sparrel Clothing was created by its secret founder in 2020. A new fashion brand aiming to make premium, high quality clothing pieces for every single personality. A Sparrel clothing piece dose not only show a meaning, but also what the person who's wearing its lifestyle.

What is important to us? Well to us, quality and the customers experience is very important. Every single clothing item we sell, is made for our customers to feel good while looking good. Its way to many clothing brands that dosent worry about that, our clothing is stitched and designed to fit every customer with the right size. Another important factor to our brand is the packaging experience. All our clothing is sealed in high quality recycled plastic bags, and washed before they get sent. 

Thats was makes us special. Also, we have new different gifts every month that we send out to our customer with discounts from 20% off to 80% off.

Sparrel Clothing - Feel Fresh, Look Fresh.

 - info@sparrelclothing.com